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The Deaconess Research Institute is affiliated with Deaconess Health System – Southern Indiana's largest healthcare system. With access to a medical staff of 240+ primary care physicians and specialists treating upwards of 2,600 patients daily, Deaconess consistently ranks as a top enrolling research center in multi-site clinical trials due to its access to nearly 210,000 active primary care patients throughout its 28 county service area.

Nationally recognized, the Deaconess Research Institute has been instrumental in the development of new treatment advancements in many areas, including allergy/immunology, cardiology, dermatology, family medicine, gastroenterology, neurology, oncology/hematology, and urology. With more than 40 experienced investigators, highly-trained research staff, and over 800 trials conducted to date, the Deaconess is a leading investigational site for Phase II, III, and IV studies.

  • 800+ trials conducted across 30+ medical specialties; Nearly 80 trials conducted annually
  • Active base of 210,000 - patients are EMR searchable by protocol criteria for both chronic and acute indications
  • Consistently ranks in the top 5% of enrolling sites in multi-center trials - 126% average enrollment rate in 2022
  • 40+ experienced clinical investigators - All certified in GCPs and Human Subject Protection
  • Highly-trained staff of 20+ researchers - Including: CCRC-certified research nurses; clinical associates; data entry; regulatory; recruitment specialists... all GCP certified
  • Access to a medical staff of 100+ primary care physicians and 80+ specialists
  • Convenient hospital access - 5 hospital campuses support 20+ primary care clinics
  • Utilize central IRBs
How We Compare to Other Research Centers (PDF)
Our Areas of Therapeutic Expertise (PDF)

Our Research Services
  • Rapid, in-depth protocol feasibility reviews
  • 2 day turn-around of regulatory documents and IRB submissions
  • Dedicated, fulltime Research Coordinators(CCRCs)
  • Accelerated budget and contract reviews
  • Expedited site start-up and source document development
  • Dedicated regulatory, data entry, and recruitment staff
  • EMR-driven screening and enrollment of study subjects
  • Strict protocol adherence
  • Consistently accurate and clean data
Investigators and Facilities
The Deaconess Research Institute conducts research at 6 satellite campuses throughout the region.  

Investigators by location
  Each satellite clinic supports multiple investigators and is located in high residential areas, servicing their own unique patient populations. Each of the Research Institute’s facilities has been designed with the following research capabilities:
  • Research dedicated exam rooms
  • Patient consenting areas
  • Study drug storage facility
    • Dedicated locked drug storage room with lockable drug cabinet
    • Temperature-monitored refrigeration
    • Freezer -20
  • CRA monitoring area
    • Dedicated CRA monitoring offices
    • Access to copier and fax machine
    • Wireless Internet Access
  • Secured study document storage
  • Remote data entry capabilities
  • Long-term record storage
  • Clinical equipment:
    • Crash cart on site with defibrillator
    • Centrifuge — 3304 rpms
    • Laboratory on site
    • Imaging department- CT, Dexa Scan-LUNAR, X-Ray, MRI, Nuclear Medicine
Deaconess Investigators consistently rank among the top performing research sites nationwide...often-achieving enrollment goals comparable to that of up to 2-3 sites.

Sponsor/CRO Experience  - A complete listing of companies (PDF)
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