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Nurse Navigation

Deaconess Cancer Services’ nurse navigation program assists the patient and family through their cancer journey with compassion in a stress-free environment. Nurse navigators provide a full range of support services and can be a convenient, single point of contact between the entire care team. Their knowledge and special training in oncology and patient management makes them an integral member of your care from diagnosis through survivorship.

Your Oncology Nurse Navigator can:
  • Help you and your family understand your diagnosis and treatment options.
  • Ensure you have the information you need to actively participate in your own care, empowering you to make informed decisions.
  • Coordinate your care with your medical team.
  • Enhance your communication with your care team.
  • Ensure your questions are answered and any care and health concerns are successfully resolved.
  • Advocate for you and serve as a medically-knowledgeable friend who is committed to helping you through your cancer journey.    

Oncology Nurse Navigators

Terri Kempf BSN, RN, CN-BN
Breast Cancer Navigation

As the Breast Cancer Nurse Navigator, I see the fear and uncertainty on the faces of my patients. My desire is to be by your side as you start your journey and through treatment. I am here for you and your family. I assist with answering questions, big or small, by communicating with other disciplines or departments or in any other way needed, allowing you to focus on your treatment and self-care. Although my focus is on breast cancer, I assist any cancer patient who may have navigation needs.

I graduated from the University of Evansville with my bachelor’s degree in nursing and worked on the surgical oncology unit at Deaconess during college. Since then, I’ve worked on a cardiovascular surgery unit, surgical oncology unit, and in home care and hospice. I returned to Deaconess in 2007 and accepted the Breast Cancer Nurse Navigator position in 2011. I received my certification of Certified Navigator - Breast Nurse (CN-BN) in 2012. I was selected to go to Washington DC in 2015, along with a survivor, to advocate for coverage of breast cancer screenings. 

Megan Cochenour, RN
Breast Surgical Navigator


As the Breast Surgical Navigator, I believe that every aspect of cancer treatment and care is vital in helping people to navigate this difficult time. My goal is to be a resource for patients from the very beginning. Help them process and understand their diagnosis, explain the treatment process and what to expect, as well as be a person of support and someone who they can come to with any questions and concerns along the way.
I graduated from the University of Evansville with a bachelors in psychology and worked at a mental health/drug rehabilitation center before deciding to pursue nursing. I got my associate degree in nursing while working on the surgical oncology floor at Deaconess Gateway. Eventually I decided to branch out to other areas of nursing and worked in the GI/Urology procedure center. Oncology is my passion so when the Role of Breast Surgical Nurse Navigator at The Women’s Cancer became available, I knew that was my chance to get back to the area of nursing that I loved the most. I now work with our multidisciplinary breast clinic patients and help to navigate them through the initial stages of their treatment. While my role involves surgical planning and post op care, I am available to help patients in any way I can throughout the treatment process.

Kelsey Daming BSN, RN, OCN 
G.I. Oncology Nurse Navigator 

Patients diagnosed with GI cancers require focused coordination. As the GI Cancer Nurse Navigator, I am here for our patients and family members from diagnosis through treatment and survivorship. I provide education and support to help understand the GI diagnosis and treatment options. My goal is to help manage unfamiliar steps of a complicated cancer diagnosis. I communicate with other departments and assist with questions throughout a patient’s journey. 
I graduated from the University of Southern Indiana with my bachelor’s degree in nursing and worked on the surgical oncology unit at St. Vincent. I transferred to Deaconess in 2015 and have worked in radiation and the infusion center at the Chancellor Center for Oncology. I developed the GI Oncology Nurse Navigator position while obtaining my Oncology Nurse Certification in 2020. 

Jessica Waggoner BSN, RN, OCN 
Lung, Head & Neck Cancer Navigation 
As the Lung, Head and Neck Cancer Nurse Navigator, I am here to help ease the transition into and through your cancer journey. I serve as a resource for patients and help reduce barriers to care, therefore allowing you to focus on your health and treatment. The barriers may include financial issues, transportation, communication, psychosocial challenges and nutrition. My goal is to always treat the whole person, not just the cancer. Caring for oncology patients is my passion, and I am honored to assist you as your Oncology Nurse Navigator. 
I graduated from Lincoln Trail College with an Associate of Science degree in Nursing and later completed my Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing. I began my nursing career in 2003 at Deaconess Hospital on the Oncology/Pulmonary floor. I then transitioned to the outpatient side of Oncology and became the Lead Infusion Nurse for 14 years, gaining a vast knowledge of chemotherapy. In 2018, I accepted my current role as an Oncology Nurse Navigator. To continue my comprehension of serving Oncology patients as a whole, I become an Oncology Certified Nurse (OCN) in 2020. Though my emphasis is on lung, head and neck cancers, I can assist any patient that may have needs. 

Whitney Williams, BSN, RN
Malignant Hematology navigator

As the malignant hematology navigator, my belief that a holistic approach is a key factor in maintaining the best quality patient outcomes. My role is to provide comprehensive and compassionate services to my patients and their families, from the time of diagnosis of their blood cancer to the completion of treatment. In addition, to assist with any barriers and be an advocate to provide the best possible care for my patients.
I graduated from Henderson Community College in 2009 with an associate in applied science degree. I furthered my education and obtained a Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 2012, from Walden University. I have had the opportunity to have experiences in medical surgical, telemetry, medical oncology, and radiation oncology.

Terry Buckman 
Oncology Nurse Navigator - Henderson 

As the Henderson oncology nurse navigator, I will help you through your cancer journey. With a new cancer diagnosis, fear and anxiety can tag along. I will be by your side during your journey and will help to answer any questions, big or small; to explain procedures and processes; share resources and offer comfort when needed. I will help you navigate through this process by coordinating your care with other disciplines and departments so that you can focus on treatment and self-care. I assist any cancer patient who may have any navigation needs by addressing any barriers that may delay their care.  
I graduated from Henderson Community College with an Applied Science in Nursing degree in 2006 and obtained my bachelor's degree in nursing in 2016 from Western Governors University. I have worked in oncology since 2006, starting on the inpatient surgical/oncology floor and transferring to Infusion services in 2012. I received my certification as an Oncology Certified Nurse in 2019. My goal is to provide the community I live in the best possible assistance and support in cancer care services that I can. 
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