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Chemotherapy Education

The term chemotherapy generally describes cancer-killing drugs. Chemotherapy may be used to cure cancer, shrink cancer tumors, prevent cancer from spreading, or help relieve symptoms caused by the cancer.

Infusion is the method through which the drugs go into the body. As it relates to cancer treatment, infusion therapy most often involves giving the patient medicine through a needle or catheter inserted into a vein. You may have heard it called IV or intravenous therapy. Putting chemotherapy drugs directly into the veins is the fastest way to deliver medicine.

The staff of oncology/hematology physicians, pharmacists, and oncology nurses at Deaconess Cancer Services is highly skilled in infusion drug administration and works to make sure you receive the best care possible in a comfortable environment.

The videos below provide specific information and guidance on important topics related to chemotherapy treatment. If you have questions after watching the videos, talk to your nurse navigator (if you are a current patient) or call 812-858-2273 to reach Deaconess Cancer Services.
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