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Healthcare Professionals

Burnout is real. Compassion fatigue is real.

To help frontline staff address these and other mental health conditions, several national organizations created robust programs tailored to the specific needs of those in the medical field. Find links below.  

NAMI Frontline Wellness
NAMI is pleased to join the #FirstRespondersFirst initiative to support frontline health care and public safety professionals facing the adverse mental health effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. This community-centered initiative is called NAMI Frontline Wellness.
PDF document: NAMI COVID-19-Guide

MHA Frontline COVID-19 Workers
Mental Health America has a page dedicated to supporting frontline workers. Find blogs, articles, and podcasts designed specifically for those dealing with burnout, emotional overload, and frustration. Learn More

American Nurses Association: Well-Being Initiative
In partnership with other leading nurse organizations, the American Nurses Foundation launched the Well-Being Initiative to offer resources that focus on caring for nurses as they tirelessly care for others. Includes free tools and apps to support the mental health and resilience of all nurses. 
  American Medical Association – Physician Guidance
Helpful Articles and Infographics
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