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Coping Resources

We are all living in uncertain times, marked by health concerns, financial stress and social isolation. Some people are using more alcohol, drugs or medications in an attempt to cope, and many people are experiencing fear, sadness, loss of control and having no idea what’s next.  

If you’re feeling hopeless, are thinking there is no way out of your situation, or perhaps even considered a plan for suicide, there is help available. 

Deaconess has caring, trained professionals available to listen, and to help you determine the best path forward.  We can assist adults or youth with evaluations and appointments for mental health concerns and substance use. Many outpatient treatment options may be considered, or a short hospitalization may be recommended. 

If you have crisis situation, go to the nearest Emergency Department to be assessed by our highly trained staff.
Deaconess Cross Pointe
Our experts provide health care services for emotional, behavioral and addiction-related needs. We treat a wide variety of conditions through counseling and outpatient programs as well as inpatient hospitalization. Providers include licensed counselors, therapists, advanced practice providers and psychiatrists.
The Care Team at Deaconess Cross Pointe can provide a free evaluation in person by phone at 812-476-7200

Cross Pointe Outpatient Services can be reached by calling 812-471-4611. 

The Care Team can also refer patients for urgent evaluation in our Mental Health Urgent Care from 10am – 6pm, Monday –Friday.  The Mental Health Urgent Care can help stabilize a condition in an outpatient setting.  The Urgent Care provider, a mental health nurse practitioner, may start appropriate medication If an appointment with a primary provider is several weeks away, if you have a newly diagnosed condition that requires medication, or if you are between providers.  Urgent care staff will also establish an appointment with a primary provider and transition your care, and assure that you have prescription refills until your appointment.
Deaconess Clinic Behavioral Health 
Patients of all ages receive assessment and treatment for behavioral conditions such as depression, anxiety, stress-related issues, post-traumatic stress, relationship problems and more. Providers include licensed counselors and psychologists.  Call 812-426-9779 for an appointment.
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