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Amputee Services New Patient Appointments

Losing all or part of a limb creates a complex health issue that requires ongoing and specialized care. Deaconess Amputee Services provides this level of care for patients who have lost a limb due to trauma, complications from medical conditions or congenital limb deficiencies. 

Our team provides education and support for the patient following amputation surgery. This includes instruction on choosing the most appropriate prosthetic device, learning to properly put on and take off a prosthetic device and understanding proper "fit" of a prosthetic. Over time, we help the patient understand and address the multiple effects of limb loss with an ultimate goal of building strength, increasing endurance and independence, and identifying alternate ways to complete activities of daily life.

Services Offered

  • Stump and prosthesis care
  • Physical therapy to build strength, helping the body compensate for the lost limb
  • Treatment for phantom pain, including medications, massage, nerve stimulation, desensitization, and more
  • Coordinating with certified prosthetic limb provider (prosthetist)

If you are an amputee in need of these services, follow the steps below to schedule a new patient appointment with Dr. Judith Canlas and Ortho Neuro Specialty Services. Simply follow the steps below to reserve your time.

Appointment Guidelines
  • New patient appointments are available for patients age 18 or older
  • If this is an urgent medical issue, please call our office at 812-842-3990
  • If this is an emergency, please go to the nearest emergency room
  • If you have any previous films/images available, please provide those so they can be reviewed at your appointment
  • Some insurances may require a referral from your primary care provider. We will help you with any necessary referrals once you schedule your appointment
  • If you are already a patient of Dr. Judith Canlas and need a follow up appointment, please log into MyChart to schedule
  • Please note - Dr. Canlas does not prescribe narcotic medication

Step 1:  Complete the Form Below

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