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Schedule an Anticoagulation Clinic Appointment

Deaconess Anticoagulation ClinicThe Deaconess Anticoagulation Clinic is committed to improving outcomes for patients taking anticoagulant medication.

Schedule a new patient appointment online, simply follow the steps below to reserve your time. Simply follow the steps below to reserve your time.

Appointment Guidelines
  • New patient appointments for patients age 18 or older
  • If this is an urgent medical issue please contact your provider for direction
  • If you have a fall or uncontrolled bleeding, go to the nearest emergency room
  • Please note our services are billed to your insurance.  For more information on cost of your visits, please contact our cost line at 812-450-COST
  • A referral from your provider will be required for our services; we will help with any necessary referrals once you schedule your appointment below

Step 1:  Complete the Form Below

Have you been admitted to the hospital or seen in the emergency room within the last 30 days?:
Are you currently using a blood thinner?:
Are you using injections with your blood thinner?:
Have you had medication changes since your last visit with a provider or the anticoagulation clinic?:
Do you have any procedures scheduled for which you have been instructed to hold your blood thinner?:
Do you currently have concerns of bleeding?:
Has it been more than 1 month since you have been seen in the anticoagulation clinic?:
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