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Billing FAQs

When will I receive a bill?
When do you bill my insurance?
Do I need to pay the entire amount due?
I have questions about the amount due. Who do I call?
If I cannot afford my bill, what should I do?
Do you offer financial assistance?
How do I get a copy of my bill?
How do I get a complete listing of charges?
Why don't I receive a bill at the same time as my friends/family?
If I have more than one visit/test/procedure, will I receive a statement for each?
Why do I have multiple visits on one statement?
I received a separate bill from a doctor. Why was this not on my statement?
What are the options for paying my bill?
Do you offer paperless billing?
How do I contact customer service for patient billing/accounts?
How do I access my bill online?
What should I do if my online payment does not appear on my next statement?

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