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After Delivery

Better Together

Congratulations on the arrival of your family’s newest addition! We encourage you to begin nurturing your relationship with the newborn immediately by practicing The Magic Hour and Rooming In.

The Magic Hour allows parents bonding time with their newborn during the first hour after birth. During this hour, your baby will be placed skin-to-skin on your chest . Skin-to-skin helps your new baby adapt to life outside the womb. Your infant is calmer and less stressed when held close to your chest. Since your infant is used to hearing your voice and heartbeat, holding your baby this way allows them to get to know you through touch and scent. Learn more about Skin-to-Skin.

Rooming-in allows the parents to adjust to the newborn in a supportive setting. Parents can bond with baby, learn about baby's responses and behavior, and gain confidence in their ability to care for baby. Evidence also shows that babies cry less, eat more often and that both mom and baby get more sleep when they are in the room together. Learn more about Rooming In.

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