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Newborn Care


From the moment you learn you're pregnant, you anxiously wait for the day you will meet your baby. As you plan the nursery and educate yourself on baby care, you may feel that you need more time to prepare. But when you imagine yourself holding your newborn baby in your arms, you feel that the moment can't come soon enough.

Every day brings you closer to that special moment, and we look forward to celebrating it with you. We are dedicated to making the birth of your baby a wonderful experience.

At The Women's Hospital, we offer something called "The Magic Hour." This allows parents bonding time with their newborn during the first hour after birth. During this hour, your baby will be placed skin-to-skin on your chest . Skin-to-skin helps your new baby adapt to life outside the womb. Your infant is calmer and less stressed when held close to your chest. Since your infant is used to hearing your voice and heartbeat, holding your baby this way allows them to get to know you through touch and scent. Learn more about Skin-to-Skin.

The Women's Hospital is a Baby-Friendly facility. Part of that designation requires that we practice what is called  "Rooming In," which means that babies stay in the room with their moms as much as possible. It is proven that babies and moms are better together because it promotes bonding, feeding, education, sleep and overall healthier babies and moms. Learn more about Rooming In.

Basic procedures and tests that hospital staff perform on baby are done right there in the mom's room such as:
  • Newborn vital signs
  • Newborn feeding assessments
  • Newborn hearing test
  • Newborn photos
  • Newborn baths
  • Newborn blood sugar testing
  • Newborn labs
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