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About The Women's Hospital

The Women’s Hospital is dedicated to the specific health care needs of women and babies. Our team of highly-skilled physicians and staff members is committed to providing compassionate, high-quality care in a family-centered environment.

We use a family-centered care model that allows patients and families to define their “family” and work together with the staff to decide how they will participate in care and decision-making. This collaboration leads to better health outcomes and improves the health care experience for patients and families.

The Women’s Hospital is a jointly owned facility between Deaconess Hospital and Evansville Holdings I, LLC which is comprised of obstetricians/gynecologists and other physician specialists. A list of physician owners is available upon request.


Mission Statement      
It is the mission of The Women’s Hospital to provide a full range of high-quality, convenient, personalized and cost effective health care services to the women and infants in our community. We strive to achieve excellence and leadership in humanistic family-centered care through education, creative practice and research. We recognize that our most important asset is our staff and their committed and caring attitude. Therefore, it is our goal to create an atmosphere that enhances professional development, effective interaction and educational opportunities, and promotes pride in the work place.

Vision Statement
The Women’s Hospital is the leader in providing family-centered care and education at every phase of a woman’s life. We are the only hospital dedicated solely to serving the health care needs of women and infants in the Tri-State area. As technologies evolve, we are committed to remaining in the forefront of women’s health care.
Customer Service Commitment
Customer service is the focus of our team commitment to family-centered care. The Women's Hospital has customer service pillars to maintain the standard of exceptional care for our patients and their families. Our pillars are as follows:

Passionate people achieving
Remarkable results from growth and
Innovative ideas that
Demonstrate top performance while
Enhancing family-centered care
Baby Friendly Designation
The Women’s Hospital received the Baby Friendly Facility Designation in August 2015 with support from the Welborn Baptist Foundation and a federal grant program.
The Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative recognizes birthing hospitals in the United States that offer an optimal level of care for infant feeding and mother/baby bonding. This initiative is based on the fact that human milk is the ideal way for human infants to be nourished  and that mothers and babies should remain together to promote bonding. Scientific evidence shows lower risks for certain diseases and improved health outcomes for breastfeeding mothers and their babies. Learn more about Baby Friendly resources.
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