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Pulmonary Rehabilitation

HealthSouth offers a series of specialized rehabilitation programs for individuals diagnosed with a chronic lung disease, such as emphysema, chronic bronchitis, asthma, pulmonary fibrosis or bronchiectasis. These people are often so weak that they are no longer able to do the simplest tasks of daily living, such as walking or taking a shower. With medical management, exercise and education, we help individuals increase their level of function and improve their quality of life.

Clinical Criteria - The Pulmonary Program is designed for people with chronic lung disease who are medically stable and able to benefit from at least two therapies and education on pulmonary disease.

Our Services

  • Technical support via laboratory, x-ray, pulmonary function tests, blood gas analysis
  • Individualized treatment plans
  • Formal pulmonary educational programs
  • Weekly team care conferences focused on patient goals and discharge planning to the community
  • Full continuum of care including inpatient, outpatient programs and phase III maintenance
  • Therapeutic pool

Our Experts

Your interdisciplinary care team may include:

  •  Physiatrist
  •  Psychologist
  •  Rehabilitation Counselor
  •  Case Manager    
  •  Respiratory Therapist
  •  Physical Therapist
  •  Occupational Therapist
  •  Speech Therapist    
  •  Rehabilitation Nurse
  •  Pharmacist
  •  Registered Dietitian 

Program Goals

  •  Restore maximum independence with activities of daily living and community activities
  •  Decrease the need for supplemental oxygen
  •  Increase overall strength and endurance
  •  Enhance your knowledge of pulmonary disease
  •  Reduce stress, anxiety and depression
  •  Demonstrate methods of energy conservation and proper breathing techniques
  •  Evaluate and manage nutritional status

For more information, contact HealthSouth at 812/ 476-9983 or 800/ 677-3422.