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Residency Program

Deaconess Hospital, Inc. is currently searching for an ACPE Certified Educator to serve as the CPE Coordinator, who will determine when future CPE Residency Programs  will be offered.  The following describes the accredited program offered in recent years.

One-year Residency

  • Offered from September through August each year
  • $25,000 stipend and pay for on-call duty.
  • Four units of accredited Level I/II CPE
  • Insurance at group rates, use of fitness center, free housing to residents not accompanied by spouse or family
  • 20 paid days off (includes 6 holidays)
  • 40 hours per week; on-call duty required
  • Tuition: $300 for first unit, $200 for each successive unit
  • Application fee:  $35
  • Prior CPE absolutely preferred 
Requirements for Admission
  • Admission requirements listed in Standard 4 from ACPE 2020 Standards. Please refer to Admission Criteria and Process.
  • A completed unit of Level I CPE is absolutely preferred.
  • All self and educator final evaluations from previously completed CPE units
  • A personal interview is required of each resident applicant - Once an application is received and processed, the applicant may be contacted in order to schedule an interview date.  The interview process will take most of one working day. The applicant will have the opportunity to become acquainted with the staff, tour of the hospital, and talk with students presently enrolled in the program. The applicant will have many opportunities to ask questions about the CPE program, the Deaconess Health System and the local community throughout the interview day.
  • Expenses for the personal interview will be the responsibility of the applicant. However,  the Religious Life Department will provide lodging at no charge.  Following the interview, a decision will be made and the applicant notified as soon as possible.
Please Note: All CPE resident applicants must have a valid driver's license and reliable transportation before they will be accepted into the program.
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