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Clinical Pastoral Education Program

Clinical Pastoral Education at Deaconess

ACPE-accredited programs have been conducted at Deaconess since 1969. The CPE Program is in a time of transition as Deaconess continues to search for a new ACPE Certified Educator. Currently, the program is on hold until we hire a new educator. Once this individual is on the staff,  we plan to offer the Residency Program and Levels I and II units again. 

Learn more about CPE Program and the Deaconess Health System

Watch for updates regarding the search for an educator and upcoming programs on this site in the coming months. 
To learn more about ACPE-accredited programs at Deaconess, contact the Spiritual Care Department at 812-450-2260 or go to the Contact Us tab to request information. An ACPE Program representative will contact you promptly by email or telephone.

Deaconess Health System 

In 1892, a group of laypersons and clergy of Evansville formed the Protestant Deaconess Association, laying the groundwork for Deaconess Hospital.  For the first 30 years of its history, the hospital was administered by nurses who were sisters of the Protestant Deaconess Order.  Sister Sophia Bartelt was the last Sister at Deaconess and was 92 years old at the time of her death in 1979.

The Spiritual Care Department has been an integral part of the hospital milieu for the past seventy-seven years beginning with the ministry of Chaplain Carl Scherzer.  Departmental staff is engaged in patient care, personnel concerns, community service and educational programs.  An ACPE Certified Educator and five (5) year-long residency positions are included in the current staffing plan for the
department. This will provide for residency, full-time and extended CPE programs in the future.

While Deaconess has changed almost daily to remain at the forefront of modern medicine, one thing has remained constant: Deaconess continues to value its Christian heritage and relationship to the United Church of Christ. In recent years, Deaconess has developed to become the Deaconess Health System, which includes an expanding network of inpatient, outpatient facilities, and clinics in the tristate area.

Programs accredited by:


ACPE: The Standard for Spiritual Care & Education
55 Ivan Allen Jr. Blvd., Suite 835

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