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School of Nursing Alumni

Deaconess Hospital School of Nursing (DHSON) Alumni Association was formed in 1907 to promote a social relationship among Alumni members of the school, and to offer scholarships to qualifying nurses and student nurses. The Alumni Association wants to connect all 2,650 graduates of the school.
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Graduates of the Deaconess Hospital School of Nursing are eligible for active membership in this association and may become a member upon payment of dues.
Current paid membership = 93 nurses in 2022 and 75 nurses for 2023.

Dues are $5 per year and may be mailed to Gayle B. Rood, 1087 Turtle Bay Rd., Boonville, IN 47601.

Annual Newsletter​
Read the annual newsletter to obtain the most current news regarding the alumni association and fellow classmates.


The alumni board is interested in gathering news about DHSON graduates. Please send information about the work you are doing, exciting projects, or other relevant updates to the secretary of the alumni board at the email listed above. Any changes of address to update our mailing list are very welcomed.
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