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Deaconess Care Integration – Clinical Integration Program: Care Transitions Initiative Description

Deaconess Care Integration is committed to designing and implementing clinical programs that will result in achieving the ‘Three Part Aim’ objectives of providing better care for the individuals we serve, better health for the populations we care for, and doing so in a financially sustainable manner.

In support of these objectives, Deaconess Care Integration implemented a clinically integrated program beginning in 2014, focused on our patients who are being discharged into a Post-Acute Setting. 

Deaconess Hospital, Deaconess Clinic, Deaconess Care Integration, & Participating Post-Acute Providers who agree to collaborate are eligible to participate in the program.  Current participating facilities are listed below:
  • Bethel Manor
  • Cypress Grove
  • Evansville Protestant Home      
  • Golden Living Center- Woodlands
  • Good Samaritan Home
  • Hamilton Pointe Village
  • Heritage Healthcare Center
  • North Park Nursing Center (ASC)
  • North River Health Campus
  • Parkview Care Center
  • Pine Haven Health & Rehabilitation Center
  • River Pointe Health Campus
  • Solarbron Nursing Center
  • West River Health Campus
  • Woodmont Health Campus
In recognition and support of the post-acute providers valuable contributions that ensure patients receive all appropriate care associated with the program, Deaconess Hospital will share the cost of a Provider working with those facilities.  The Deaconess Care Transitions program allows Deaconess Hospital, Deaconess Clinic, aforementioned participating facilities, and its participating physicians and advanced practice providers to work in collaboration with DCI to create collective accountability and to facilitate the parties in achieving the goals and objectives of DCI, including the goals of the MSSP ACO Model. 

Under this arrangement, clinicians will follow an approved clinical pathway that includes the following:
  • Clinical Protocols based on Best Practice
  • Patient-Centered, coordinated care throughout the continuum
  • A Deaconess Clinic Nurse Practitioner will be embedded at each participating post-acute provider
  • Standardization of care to support best practice and reduce unnecessary financial expenditures 
Better Experience of Care for Patients Better Health for Populations Reducing Health Care Expenditures
Improved communication and patient hand off between acute and post acute providers Decreased readmission rate Improved time to discharge to post-acute facility
Nurse Practitioner available at post acute facility Decreased post discharge ER utilization Reduced average length of stay at post acute provider
Care is patient-centered, less fragmentation & improved coordination Improved medication reconciliation and compliance
Clinical support to improve transition of care to post-acute setting Improved quality measures  
For specific questions regarding this Deaconess Care Integration program, please contact:

Erin Byrley
Post Acute Services Manager

For general questions or additional information about Accountable Care Organizations, please visit The Medicare Site for ACO or call 1-800-MEDICARE (1-800-633-4227) TTY
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