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Boards and Committees

To support the professional interest of advanced practice providers (APPs) as they provide evidenced based care in line with the strategic goals of Deaconess Health System. Advance practice providers include physician assistants, nurse practitioners, clinical nurse specialists, and certified registered nurse anesthetists, who are employed by or have clinical privileges with Deaconess Health System.
Monthly basis
The purpose of this council is to:
  1. Promote and facilitate the integration of APPs in the organization
  2. Utilize peer review to monitor and evaluate quality and adherence to regulatory standards and requirements
  3. Participate in the development and implementation of an orientation for APPs
  4. Make practice recommendations in line with the scope of practice for APPs
  5. Provide a method of shared decision making by communicating with nursing and hospital administration on decisions that affect APPs
  6. Serve as a supportive environment for APPs to discuss advance practice issues
  7. Stay abreast of legislative issues concerning APPs and communicate changes to the organization, as well as recommendations for change of practice standards
  8. Promote continuing education for APPs
  9. Recognize outstanding APPs in the organization
Chair and Chair-elect.  Committee members will vote to select the Chair-elect on an annual basis.  The Chair-elect will become the Chair the following year.

Members are expected to participate in 75 percent of meetings annually either in person or remotely. If you are unable to attend, you may send a substitute from your department and an absence will not count against you. If you are unable to attend and cannot provide a substitute, excused absences may be approved at the discretion of the chair or chair-elect. Members are expected to complete monthly chart reviews. The number of reviews required is subject to change based upon the quality needs of the organization.  
Membership participation in monthly meetings is expected. If you are unable to attend, it is preferred that a representative from your department or specialty attend. Members are expected to complete monthly chart reviews. The number of reviews required is subject to change based on the quality needs of the organization.  Members may be asked to serve on subcommittees. If at any point a member or leadership feels that member is not fulfilling expected requirements, the member and leadership will meet to discuss stepping down.
Decision Making
A quorum will be defined as 4 members present. A unanimous consensus is preferred for approval of decisions. When necessary a motion will be considered approved with a 3/5 majority vote. Each council member will have one vote. If rapid turnaround is necessary for a decision, the chair, chair-elect and chair members have the authority to act in the best interest of the council with approval from administrative leadership as warranted.
Charter may be amended at any time with a quorum present and a 3/5 majority vote.  It is preferred that proposed changes be sent to members 1 week prior to meeting.
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