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Deaconess would not be the successful organization it is today without the thousands of volunteers who have supported our endeavors. Since our founding in 1892, volunteerism has played a critical role in the growth and development of the health system. We continue to need volunteers to help us meet our mission of providing high-quality, compassionate care to the community. 

About Deaconess Auxiliary

The Deaconess Hospital Auxiliary was formally established in 1960. The Auxiliary provides fellowship and leadership to the volunteer program in addition to fundraising.  Joining the Auxiliary and volunteering is a great way to make a difference in the lives of our patients and their families and to socialize and make new friends. 
Who can volunteer at Deaconess?
Deaconess offers many volunteer opportunities for those who are willing and have the time to serve.  Adults age 18 and over are welcomed.  Volunteers serve at both the Deaconess Midtown Campus and the Deaconess Gateway Campus.  

Volunteer Opportunities
Most volunteer opportunities are between 2-4 hours in length, one day per week. Adults are asked to make a commitment to volunteer a total of 50 hours per year.

Listed below are the current volunteer opportunities at Deaconess Midtown Campus and Deaconess Gateway Campus.
Gift Shop - Waits on customers and rings up sales on cash register. Delivers flowers and gifts to nursing units.

Greeter - Welcomes patients and visitors who enter the hospital, provides directions, helps escort, and assist individuals needing wheelchair transportation. 

Beverage Cart - Hands out free lemonade and coffee in the main lobby.

Emergency Department - Rounds on patients and provides comfort items upon request, interacts with families and visitors, accompanies staff when patients are taken to other areas of the hospital, takes discharged patients to waiting cars, and helps prepare exam rooms for new patients.

Escort Van - Transports patients and visitors to and from hospital entrances.

Information Desk - Looks up patient room numbers and gives directions to patients and visitors.

Same Day Care Center - Runs errands, retrieves items from floor captains, stocks rooms, and prepares carts by putting on clean linens.

Sterile Supply - Delivers supplies to nursing units. Sorts and wraps supplies.

Hospice Care - Trained hospice volunteers play an important role, visiting with patients, providing respite for the family, assisting with errands and other activities, sharing special talents, pet therapy, music therapy, massage therapy and performing clerical duties. Hours Vary.

Becoming a Volunteer

The first step in becoming a volunteer is to complete an application. Individuals 18 years and older should complete an application then contact Volunteer Services at 812-450-2235 to schedule an interview.

Still have questions? Email 

2024 Junior Volunteer Program

The Volunteer Office at Deaconess Hospital is accepting applications for Junior Volunteers. The Junior Volunteer Program at Deaconess offers students an opportunity to gain work experience, observe healthcare careers and earn community service hours.

Click HERE for the 2024 Application. 
Listed below are some highlights of the Program:

  • To participate in the Program, Junior Volunteers must be 15 years old by June 1.
  • Application and supporting documents must be received by March 15, 2024.
    Late applications will not be considered.
  • Students will be interviewed and selected by a panel of Auxiliary volunteers. In addition,
    school counselor, teacher recommendation, and references will also be considered.
  • If selected, students must be available to attend a one-day orientation during the week of May 28. Exact date TBD. Attendance is mandatory. No exceptions!
  • We will accept 10 Junior Volunteers at the Midtown Campus and 10 at Gateway. While campus preference is considered, placement is not guaranteed.
  • Students will volunteer one eight-hour shift per week (8 am - 4:30 pm) beginning June 3 through July 26. Shifts will consist of two and a half hour rotations in a nursing unit, Sterile Supply Processing and the Gift Shop. 
    • NOTE: This schedule may vary due to department workload. Other duties may be assigned. 
  • Junior Volunteers must volunteer six out of the eight weeks of the Program in order to successfully complete the Program and be eligible for recommendation.

If you have any questions, please email

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