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Deaconess Clinic Memorial Uber Health Pilot

Posted: 7/26/2022
Mary* was referred to Deaconess Clinic Memorial after a hospital stay that resulted in the diagnosis of several comorbidities. After multiple calls to reschedule or cancel follow-up appointments due to transportation issues, Deaconess Clinic Memorial Employees got Mary set up with an Uber Health Coordinator to assess her transportation needs.

Mary was referred and approved for Uber Health services to an upcoming established DC Memorial visit. Mary presented to the clinic as a complex patient with chronic liver disease, COPD, diabetes and low kidney function. Referrals were made to Pulmonary, Gastroenterology and Nephrology for initial consults and diagnostic procedures for advanced treatments. Using Uber Health Mary was able to easy get to all scheduled consults and procedures needed to improve her healthcare outcome and medication management.

*Patient name changed

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