Expert Staff

Clinical Staff

All of our clinicians have extensive training in anticoagulation management. Several pharmacists and nurses are nationally certified by the National Board of Anticoagulation Care Providers (CACP) showing their advanced competency in anticoagulation management. One pharmacist was a board of director for the National Board of Anticoagulation Care Providers (NBACP).

Excellent Care

The Deaconess Anticoagulation Clinic has been designated an Anticoagulation Center of Excellence by the Anticoagulation Forum.  You can feel comfortable trusting the staff proven to provide the highest level of care for your anticoagulation therapy since 2013.
William HardestyMedical Director

Medical Director William Hardesty, M.D. oversees the quality of our program assuring eligibility requirements and assuring competency of the anticoagulation staff.

Dr. Hardesty is also available for emergency consultative services if the referring physician cannot be reached.

What our patients are saying...  

  • "The Pharmacists are very professional, very competent people who treat you with the greatest respect and are always concerned about you."
  • "Without the time and caring of the employees of the clinics, I would not be alive today."