Enrollment & Appointments

Over 195 Physicians confidently refer their patients to Deaconess Anticoagulation Clinic.

Patients are seen at the Deaconess Anticoagulation Clinic by referral only.  Patients interested in anticoagulation therapy at one of our four convenient locations should contact their doctor.

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Refer a Patient
Send via Epic

Physicians may enroll a patient through Epic, a verbal order, or written order. Enter the referral directly into Epic, call 812/450-3990 or fax an order to 812/450-3591. We will fax you a referral form requesting the target INR range and desired length of therapy.

Physicians will be contacted by phone for INR values greater than 6 and bridge therapy recommendations.

You will receive written communication from the clinicians within 24 hours of each visit. If necessary, we can make arrangements to communicate with you sooner.

Please remind your patients that we see patients by appointment only. We are not able to see walk-ins.

Why Choose Deaconess Anticoagulation Clinic for your patients?

Benefits to Patients

  • Immediate results within 2 minutes and management of dosing during the same visit
  • Patient-preferred simple fingerstick method used for PT/INR testing
  • Extensive patient education during initial and follow-up appointments
  • Written instructions provided after each visit (current dose, BP, and next appointment)
  • Improved patient safety as proven by low incidence of major bleeding
  • 24-hour on-call service (discuss side effects, missed doses, interactions, or other concerns)
  • Four convenient locations—North Park, Resource Center at Main Campus, Gateway, and Deaconess Clinic Downtown

Benefits to Physicians

  • Quality care by anticoagulation specialty trained pharmacists and nurses
    • Several are certified by National Certification Board of Anticoagulation Providers
    • One Pharmacist is fellowship-trained in anticoagulation and serves on NCBAP Board
    • Quality assurance reviewed monthly by Medical Director, William Hardesty, M.D.
  • Decreased adverse reactions
    • Warfarin is responsible for most adverse drug reactions prior to admission (1)
    • Studies have shown lower risk of major bleeding with Anticoagulation Managed Care
      compared to usual care (1% vs. 4.7%).(2) Data shows that only 1.2% of DAC-managed
      patients developed a major bleeding event
    • Confirmed by on-board quality control
    • CLIA-waive certification
  • Systematic process to evaluate side effects, events, interactions, and lifestyle changes
  • Excellent compliance with appointments due to intense follow-up on missed visits
  • Referring Physician informed of results via fax or in basket message same day of visit and consulted as needed

What our patients are saying...

“I drive 100 miles round trip from Huntingburg, IN for this service and every time I feel as though my life is in great hands.”

“Anyone who has to have their Coumadin checked for the rest of their life should be referred to one of these clinics.”

1. Deaconess Hospital P&T Minutes 2004-2005
2. Anticoagulation Forum data, May 1999