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Deaconess Anticoagulation Clinic

Anticoagulation Center of Excellence

Providing efficient, high-quality care

The Deaconess Anticoagulation Clinic helps educate patients taking anticoagulation medication and keeps the patient's doctor well informed about their patient's care. Anticoagulation medications help to prevent new blood clots from forming and to keep existing blood clots from getting worse.  This may be important for patients that have had blood clots or are at risk of forming blood clots.

It is important that patients taking anticoagulation medication be closely monitored.  While taking medications like warfarin, or Coumadin®, blood clotting times must be checked.  The Deaconess Anticoagulation Clinic obtains immediate test results and will make adjustments to a patient's dosing regimen based on the results.

Our Services

  • Comprehensive patient education and counseling  
  • Laboratory monitoring utilizing finger stick point of care testing
  • Coumadin® dosage adjustments made by a clinical staff, which includes nurses and pharmacists based on Deaconess Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee approved protocol
  • Review of patients’ drug therapy by clinical pharmacists and nurses who have extensive training in anticoagulation management
  • 24-hour call system for patients’ questions and triage system for therapy-related emergencies utilizing a Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee approved emergency management protocol
  • Bridge Therapy coordination with low molecular weight heparin including patient education
  • Systematic process for follow-up evaluation focused on patient assessment for side effects of therapy, recurrent disease, hemorrhagic complications, drug/drug, drug/disease or drug/food interactions, lifestyle changes (e.g. smoking) and compliance issues

The Deaconess Anticoagulation Clinic now offers patients four convenient locations. All locations provide the same comprehensive services that physicians and patients trust.