System Features

View, Manipulate and Compare Radiology Images

WebPACS offers useful tools for analyzing radiology images. Features include:

  • High speed image viewing with user selectable image compressions
  • Image manipulation tools: measurement (probe, angle, distance, Cobb angle, profile, ROI, shutter, caliper), annotations (line, probe, angle, Cobb angle, rectangular ROI, circular ROI), scroll through study in viewing, continuous zoom, manual and automatic cine, change automatic cine speed, pan, full screen 1-up, window/level, fast window/ level using ROI or inverted ROI, magnifying glass (including windowing and leveling), gray scale invert, flip/rotate, shutters, show DICOM information, pixel interpolation
  • Default mouse controls (frequently used functions available without extra mouse clicks):
    • Right mouse click = Pop-up menu
    • Right mouse hold = W/L
    • Middle mouse hold = Zoom
    • Left mouse hold = Pan
    • Middle mouse scroll = Manual cine 
    • Double left mouse click = 1-up image display
  • Three useful screen views:
    • The Comparison View allows users to compare different images from the same series or images from current and previous series. Tools enable image manipulation, including brightness, contrast and magnification. This screen contains patient and exam information, as well as dictated reports.
    • The Worklist View allows users to sort information by patient name, patient ID, procedure, study date or other criteria by clicking on columns. Special icons allow users to view key images, significant images, or selected images with just a click. The worklist screen also contains patient and exam information, as well as reports, if already dictated.
    • The Export Tools make it simple and convenient for users to save images for PowerPoint presentations or other uses. To comply with HIPAA regulations, this feature automatically de-identifies all exported images.
For more information on WebPACS, contact PACS Administrator Krista Ingle at 812/450-3191 or the PACS Hotline at 812/450-5800.