Deaconess Regional Laboratory

Deaconess Regional Laboratory Expert Staff

Advanced Expertise and Superior Service

Our medical technologists, cytologists and histologists have years of experience in laboratory medicine. Many of them have additional specialty certifications, which demonstrate advanced expertise in specific areas of laboratory medicine. This means that when you talk to our staff, your technical questions are being addressed by individuals with the background and knowledge necessary to best assist you. Our phlebotomists, billing personnel and other support staff are well trained and dedicated to performing specific laboratory services. As a result, they have the skill and focus required to meet the needs of patients and health professionals.

Board Certified Pathologists

Medical direction of Deaconess Regional Laboratory is provided by an Evansville-based team of board certified pathologists. Our pathologists have years of laboratory medicine experience and can offer assistance in the selection and interpretation of clinical laboratory tests. Because they are local, they are available to review case slides with referring physicians. A pathologist is either on-site or on-call 24 hours per day.

Our Pathologists

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