Benefit Program

Deaconess Health System offers a comprehensive benefit program to FAMILY MEDICINE RESIDENTS.  Below is a summary of the benefits currently offered.  Eligibility begins on the first day of employment unless otherwise noted

Health & Dental Insurance

Hospital has health and dental insurance coverage available to Residents.  Health coverage for Residents and covered dependents is effective upon enrollment as of the effective date. Upon enrollment, all other benefits begin on the first (1st) day of the month following thirty (30) days of employment. Due to plan provisions, the Hospital’s required waiting period for health and dental coverage are waived for Residents but will be taxable to Resident at 100% of the applicable plan premium amounts. Effective on the 1st day of the month following Hospital’s customary waiting period, premiums for all insurance benefits elected by Resident will be on the same pre-tax or taxable basis and premium amount as other similarly situated Hospital employees. Resident and Resident’s covered dependents are subject to the same eligibility, discount and contribution guidelines as other employees (portion of premium, deductible, co-insurance, etc.).
Basic Life Insurance $20,000 coverage plus additional $20,000 for accidental death for employees authorized to work at least forty (40) hours per two (2) week pay period.
Optional Life Insurance Additional coverage available 1, 2, or 3 times annual salary plus double indemnity for accidental death for employees authorized to work at least forty (40) hours per two (2) week pay period.
Dependent Life Insurance Coverage available for spouse and eligible dependent children for employees authorized to work at least forty (40) hours per two-week period.
Health & Dependent Care Expense Accounts Resident may direct funds into a non-taxable reimbursement account for non-covered medical or dependent care expenses.
Paid Days Off Commencing with the Effective Date, Resident shall immediately have available nineteen (19) Paid Days Off (“PDO”). During the Second Year and Third Year, Resident shall have available twenty-four (24) days of PDO for each such Year. For each Year, six (6) of these days must be used for paid time off for the following holidays – New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. There is no carryover of PDO into the Second year or the Third Year, provided, however, unused and available PDO will be paid out upon termination of the Agreement and unused PDO is subject to the provisions of Paragraph 9.2.
Retirement Savings Plan Resident may participate in Hospital’s 401(k) Retirement Savings Plan whereby Resident can direct into Hospital’s Plan on a pre-tax basis a percent of Resident’s salary up to the federal maximum and applicable thresholds, without any employer match.
Salary Continuance & Income Disability Resident is covered by a combination of Hospital’s Salary Continuance Program and the Group Long Term Disability Policy.  Salary Continuance provides income protection based on years of service and may extend to 180 days.  Long Term Disability coverage provides up to 60% of base compensation starting with the 181st calendar day of disability, subject to a maximum monthly benefit of $7,000.
Medical Malpractice Coverage Hospital purchases medical malpractice insurance policy for Resident as provided in the Agreement.
Uniforms & Laundry Hospital will furnish three (3) lab coats and laundry services for same at no cost to Resident.
Call Room Hospital will provide Resident with access to a “call room” while Resident is on-call.
Work Station Resident will be provided an individual work station in the Family Medicine Center.
Meeting Time Up to five (5) days of paid meeting time will be provided to Resident each Year with expenses for registration fees, travel, room and board for all such meetings not to exceed in the aggregate $1,000 in the First Year, $1,200 in the Second Year and $1,400 in the Third Year.  Meetings must have prior approval of the Director of the Family Medicine Residency before arrangements are made.
Employee Counseling (CONCERN EAP) Short-term counseling and referral service for employee and immediate family