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Physician Survey

Please help us identify ways to improve Deaconess Health System's practice environment and make your job as a Physician more enjoyable. 

Recently, Deaconess Health System partnered with Advisory Board Survey Solutions to design a unique survey to measure the prevalence of certain activities and behaviors. When you fill out the survey, your data combined with your colleagues' will help us identify targeted initiatives to improve your practice conditions and help make your job more rewarding.

This online survey will be available for 3 weeks, beginning on Monday, February 24.  Please know that your responses will be completely confidential and all data will be blinded. 

Physicians: Please enter your 4-digit physician ID number to login. Your physician ID number is the same as your Epic ID without the leading 0.

Nurse Practitioners and PAs: Please enter your EPIC ID as your log in.

Access the physician survey here >>