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The CareConnect Advantage

How Will CareConnect Benefit My Practice and My Patients?

Deaconess CareConnect does more than simply eliminate paper charts and documentation, it can save staff time, make your practice more efficient, increase patient satisfaction and enhance patient care and safety. Benefits include:

For Clinicians

  • 24/7 access to patient records from any Internet-connected computer.
  • After-visit summary generated automatically with patient instructions.
  • InBasket secure messaging system helps physicians manage daily tasks.
  • Customizable clinical templates speed up and standardize documentation.
  • Interaction alerts warn clinicians when a medication or procedure negatively interacts with allergies, meds or a patient's existing medical problems.
  • Preference lists simplify ordering by grouping the most commonly ordered meds and procedures for easy access.

For Front Office Staff

  • Drag-and-drop scheduling, check-in and walk-in patient support.
  • Automatically determine correct copays based on visit type, insurance plan, etc.
  • Generate reports for patients that include time, date, provider, location, directions, procedure information and more.
  • Receive alerts and warnings about incomplete patient registration information.

For Patients

  • Increased quality of care
  • Improved continuity of care
  • Safer care due to real-time allergy alerts and drug interaction checking
  • Increased patient confidence
  • ePrescribing shortens patient wait times at pharmacies
  • One patient with one chart
  • Robust patient portal involving patients in their own care