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Healthy Expectations

According to studies on infant mortality, babies born to teenagers, mothers who did not receive timely prenatal care or women who smoke, have a higher risk of dying in their first year of life. Deaconess Hospital's "Healthy Expectations" program is trying to improve the odds that more babies in this area make it past their first birthday.

Deaconess Family Medicine has developed a complete Prenatal Package in order to provide the best possible care to you and your baby. Here is what to expect

Getting Started

1st Appointment
  • Conduct in-depth social and medical history
  • Determine estimated date of delivery
  • Prescription for prenatal vitamins and lab work
  • Assigned a case manager
  • Second appointment will be scheduled

You're On Your Way

2nd Appointment
  • Meet with other pregnant women to discuss important information including signs/symptoms and when to call the doctor
  • Receive a prenatal bag full of goodies for you and your baby
  • Third appointment will be scheduled
3rd Appointment
At your third appointment, your doctor will
  • Check your baby's heartbeat
  • Measure how much your baby is growing
  • Check your urine for diabetes and infection

Stay On Track with Classes

You may choose to enroll in classes which we believe will enhance your pregnancy and/or parent experience.  These classes are free to you and a guest.
  • Smoking cessation class
  • Parenting Education class
  • Childbirth Education classes
  • Breastfeeding class
  • Child and infant safety classes
  • Baby care
  • Stress management classes

Why We Are Different

  • See the same doctor throughout your pregnancy
  • Assigned a personal case manager
  • Private prenatal phone number
  • Opportunity to attend educational classes
  • Child care provided on certain days
  • Assist with transportation to and from the clinic
  • Assist you in paying for medications
  • Offer mental health counseling

For more information please call the Deaconess Family Medicine Center at 812/450-6044