Prevention in Practice

Because we witness first-hand the tragic results of head and spinal cord injuries, Deaconess is committed to teaching community members about safety and prevention.  As part of this mission, we sponsor the Evansville chapter of THINKFIRST, started by neurosurgeon Dr. Emil Weber and his wife, Jan, in 1991.

THINKFIRST is an award-winning public education program focused on the prevention of head and spinal cord injuries. The program targets a young population most at risk for these injuries.  In the last year alone, the local THINKFIRST program reached approximately 7000 students in elementary, middle and high schools.

Furthermore, elementary teachers have been introduced to an integrated six-week modular curriculum focusing on vehicular, bicycle and playground safety. The goal is to reach children at a young age when they are more likely to form good safety habits.   

Helmet Provided by THINKFIRST Saves Bike Rider From Injury

Lori Barron, a Nurse Manager at Deaconess Hospital, never imagined that a presentation she gave in her graduate school speech class would make a difference in someone’s life.  Lori chose to speak about the importance of wearing a bicycle helmet. To prepare she turned to THINKFIRST -Evansville’s Kevin Hendrickson. Lori knew that one of  her classmates frequently rode his bike  without wearing a helmet and during the next to the last week of class, Lori gave him a helmet donated by THINKFIRST and a note about her wish for him  to 'stay safe'. Right before the holidays, Lori received good news—while riding his bike down some steps, her classmate flipped over the handlebars and landed on his left side. Without the helmet she gave him, he notes he ‘would have been in bad shape’.  Thanks to Lori and THINKFIRST, the THINKFIRST message has saved someone from a potential head injury!

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