ThinkFirst For Kids

This comprehensive injury prevention program is designed to help young children develop lifelong safety habits to minimize their risks of sustaining brain, spinal cord and other traumatic injuries. The program targets children in grades 1-3 and covers six main topics: introduction to the brain and spinal cord anatomy; vehicle, water, bicycle, sports and recreational safety; as well as safety around weapons and creative problem-solving. The program educates students about activities that place them at risk, while teaching them the best ways to stay safe and injury-free. The learning experience is fun, yet meaningful.

Our bicycle safety program, “ Melons and Gumballs” is suited for K-5th graders. The program is one hour in length and consists of the rules for safe bike riding followed by a demonstration explaining the importance of the brain and spinal cord and how we can protect them. They use gumballs to show how many children are killed each year in bicycle accidents and a melon to show what can happen to your head in an accident when a helmet is worn and when one is not worn. Time is provided for the children to ask questions at the end of the program.