Pretesting Appointment

Preparing for Your Surgical Procedure

Pretesting is designed to help you prepare for your surgical procedure. If you didn’t receive a pretesting appointment when you were scheduled for surgery, call scheduling at 812/450-5250 to make arrangements, unless your surgeon instructed otherwise. Pretesting must be completed 7–10 days before your procedure or as soon as your procedure is scheduled to prevent cancellations or delays. If you can’t make your appointment time, you must call 812-450-5250 to reschedule. You may eat or drink prior to your pretesting appointment unless otherwise directed by your physician.

What to Bring to Pretesting

  1. Doctor’s orders and any other paperwork your doctor gives you
  2. Picture identification, such as drivers license, employee ID
  3. Insurance cards/information and co-payments
  4. Advance directive (information is available in the pretesting clinic and hospital)
  5. Bottles of medications you take. Please include herbals and over-the-counter medications (with dosage and the time you take each one).
  6. List of allergies 


  • Take Virginia Street to Mary Street
  • Turn north on Mary Street
  • Turn left into the Deaconess parking garage
  • Use the ramp on the second floor of the parking garage to enter the Deaconess Physician Center
  • Take the elevator to the third floor and follow the signs to Suite 340 

Your Visit to Our Pretesting Clinic

Preregistration:  Your billing account will be set up. All insurance plans are private contracts between patients and their insurance companies. As a courtesy, Deaconess will try to verify your coverage and secure payment from your insurance company after your procedure, but you are ultimately responsible for payment.

Please review your insurance plan carefully, as many plans require preadmission authorization and/or second opinions. If you do not have medical insurance, or if your insurance company requires a deductible or co-payment, you will be expected to pay the balance. A financial counselor will help you in making special arrangements if needed.  

Pretesting:  This is designed to help you prepare for your upcoming procedure and includes:

  • Diagnostic Testing - You will have the laboratory tests, x-rays and electrocardiograms (EKGs) needed for your upcoming surgery.
  • Nursing Assessment - A nurse will review your medical history. Your height and weight will also be recorded.
  • Review of Medications - Make sure to bring all of your labeled medication bottles. The nurse will remind you how to take your regular medications on the day of your surgery.
  • Pre-Procedure Education - This will be completed as necessary. This is an excellent time for you or your family or significant other to ask questions.
  • Physical Exam - If requested by your doctor or anesthesiologist, you may also have a physical examination.