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Laboratory Expectations

      We will need to verify your insurance at each visit by
making a photocopy of your insurance cards.
  We will ask you for a lab order which should include a
diagnosis or ICD-9 code and should be signed by the
ordering physician. Please be aware that we cannot
perform ANY lab tests without a signed doctor's order.
Occasionally, your doctor may call or fax a lab order and
these are kept in our files until you arrive.
  For certain tests, we may ask if you have been fasting.
Please verify with your doctor if fasting is required before
having the test done.
  If fasting is not required, you may wish to come to the lab
after 9 a.m. as earlier may lead to longer wait times.
  Medicare patients may be asked to sign a waiver accepting
financial responsibility if the diagnosis provided does not cover the tests being ordered.

We strive to provide courteous service and always take patients in the order they arrive. Occasionally, a patient may be having a timed test, which may require that we move them in front of another customer.