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Inpatient Program

Controlling Diabetes to Speed Recovery During Hospitalization

Regardless of the reason for your hospitalization, blood glucose control is essential to your recovery. Recent studies have shown that keeping blood sugar levels near normal during hospitalization can help prevent infections and improve outcomes overall.

Our experienced staff understands your special needs. They will work in the hospital with your doctor and nurses to give you the highest quality care for your diabetes and other conditions.

Our team will help:

  • Manage your blood sugar levels.
  • Coordinate services for medical nutrition therapy.
  • Teach you basic diabetes management skills.
  • Shorten your hospital stay.
  • Provide information on community resources.
  • Keep hospital staff up-to-date on diabetes management.
  • Assess your need for outpatient diabetes self-management training. If we believe you would benefit from our program, we will work with your physician to obtain the necessary referrals.

Learn more. Be prepared.

Whether you are at high or low risk for diabetes, finding out more about the disease could someday help you or someone you love. For more information on the symptoms and treatment of diabetes, please call us at 812/426-9894.