Code Blue Team

Saving Lives at a Moment's Notice

"Code Blue, ER. Code Blue, ER."

When these words echo through Deaconess Hospital, a team of specialists drops everything and races to the Emergency Department – or wherever they are needed.

Code Blue is announced when a patient is unresponsive, meaning he is not breathing or his heart has stopped beating. When this happens, no matter what time of day or what day of the week, our code blue team is ready.

Meet Our Code Blue Team
Our team consists of the following medical professionals:

  • Emergency Department Physician - A board certified emergency physician oversees the code blue process.
  • Team Coordinator - A registered nurse from the Cardiovascular Medical Intensive Care Unit (CVICU) acts as Team Coordinator. This person is certified in advanced cardiac life support (ACLS), and is responsible for the patient’s care during a code blue.
  • Recorder - The recorder is an ACLS certified registered nurse from the Cardiovascular Care Center (CVCC). This team member monitors the patient throughout the process and documents the time and details of each action taken.
  • Medication Nurse - The medication nurse comes from the Neuro Intensive Care Unit and is also ACLS certified. This individual establishes an IV and administers medications necessary to restore a patient's vital functions.
  • Other Professionals - In addition to the core team described above, a pharmacist, laboratory technologist, respiratory therapist and other physicians typically assist.

During the normal course of a day, members of our code blue team are dispersed throughout the hospital, performing a variety of jobs. But when called upon, they come together and work as one unit to save yet another life.