Pre-Admission Testing & Education

Preparing Patients for Surgery

Open-heart surgery requires ample preparation – both medically and emotionally. Pre-admission testing and education services meet both needs. Prior to the day of surgery, patients meet with a nurse who coordinates these services. The visit lasts approximately two hours and includes the following:

  • Pre-surgery testing – This may include blood tests, an EKG, a chest x-ray, or any other test ordered by the physician.
  • Pre-surgery instructions – A nurse instructs patients regarding food, beverage and medication intake prior to surgery.
  • Film presentation – A short film shows patients what to expect after surgery.
  • Patient education – Patients receive a binder full of information that is helpful in the hospital, during recovery, and for a lifetime.
  • Mended Hearts information – Each patient receives a special pillow and information from the local Mended Hearts chapter. When possible, patients talk to someone from Mended Hearts.
  • Anesthesiologist consultation – If possible, patients meet with an anesthesiologist who can answer questions about anesthesia during surgery.

We recommend that patients bring a family member or friend who will be present during and after the surgery. Family members will feel less anxious about the surgery if they learn about the procedure and what to expect following the procedure.

Also, if family members need overnight accommodations during the patient’s hospital stay, we use this opportunity to arrange a room at the Deaconess Health Science Building.