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Deaconess Cancer Services offers advanced care in a peaceful setting. The utilization of linear accelerators, a CT simulator and a high dose rate afterloading system for advanced radiation therapy make it possible to deliver the most optimal treatment with increased accuracy. The crucial link between these three types of equipment is our highly sophisticated treatment planning system that connects the treatment planning stage to the actual delivery of treatment. 

Linear Accelerators 

Our two linear accelerators offer many features that increase the efficiency and accuracy of radiation treatment. We are able to provide our patients with both conventional radiation therapy and IMRT.  
Intensified Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) allows us to shape the beam so that it conforms to the shape of the tumor. Fields are treated with multiple, very small beams rather with one uniform beam. Each beam delivers a different dose to the different part of the tumor. IMRT employs 3-D computer generated images to precisely target radiation treatment while modulating the intensity of the independent radiation beamlets, which results in the capability to deliver higher doses of radiation where it is needed while minimizing or eliminating the dose to normal and or critical structures. The result is an increase in cure potential, reduction in side effects from radiation treatments, and the ability to treat anatomical areas where radiation treatment was not previously an option.
CT Simulator

CT Simulator

Our CT simulator (pictured here) allows radiation oncologists to locate, define and reconstruct a patient's tumor in 3-D. This technology and three-dimensional recreation precisely identifies the tumor and the healthy tissue surrounding it, so treatment can be planned based on the unique anatomy of each patient.


High Dose Rate Afterloading System (Brachytherapy or HDR)

The Chancellor Center offers a microSelectron HDR for internal radiation therapy. It treats the exact source of some cancers while preserving surrounding normal tissues.

A computer-driven machine controls insertion of the  radioactive source into the patient, delivers radiation therapy within minutes, then controls withdrawal of the radioactive source. We currently perform Breast, GYN and Lung HDR cases at the Chancellor Center. 

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