Cancer Services

Support Services

At Deaconess, we're dedicated not only to helping you beat cancer, but to making the fight as easy as possible.

The following resources offer assistance with the medical, physical, emotional and spiritual sides of cancer with the ultimate goal of helping families find the strength to fight one of life's greatest battles.

Nurse Navigators
Nurse Navigators are specially designated medical staff who will walk with you through your entire medical journey, explaining diagnosis, treatment, and recovery.

Deaconess Center for Life Balance
The Center for Life Balance provides a variety of holistic health opportunities to assist individuals in aligning body, mind, spirit and emotion.  The classes and groups may serve as an addition to more traditional kinds of therapy or in some cases may help to prevent more serious conditions from developing. 

Deaconess Center for Healing Arts
As part of our comprehensive services at The Women's Hospital, we provide patients with an environment of peace and relaxation at our Center for Healing Arts.  We treat both men and women with numerous types of services which include massages and acupuncture. These can compliment conventional medicine and aid in the healing process.

Gilda's Club
Gilda’s Club provides a place where anyone touched by cancer can laugh, cry, confront fears, share triumphs, and learn how to LIVE with cancer.

Medication Assistance Program
Prescription medications are an important part of your total health care. Unfortunately, many patients can't afford the medications they need. 

Breast Prosthesis Program
Deaconess Home Services is dedicated to providing quality breast prosthetic products to help post-mastectomy patients attain the freedom and comfort these products offer.

Cancer Rehabilitation and Education Program
Physical and occupational therapy can be a great asset during the recovery process.

Religious Life
The Deaconess Religious Life staff is available to help you with any spiritual needs you may have.

Home Services
Deaconess Home Services offers home health care, home medical equipment and more. 

The Deaconess on-line health library which includes cancer information written by our expert physicians and staff.


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