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Using Concern Services

Welcome CONCERN EAP Clients

Welcome to the Deaconess CONCERN EAP online support center. This area of the Web site is provided solely for employees of companies who utilize CONCERN as their EAP. Your employer offers this service to help you face the common challenges of personal and family life.

FAQ for Employees

This section provides answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions regarding CONCERN EAP services, eligibility, business hours, locations and confidentiality.

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  •  Cancer
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Ask Us a Question

CONCERN clients may ask a question via e-mail. A counselor will answer your question within 24 hours. While this service is not a substitute for face-to-face counseling, it may provide assistance in dealing with day-to-day stressors or help you determine what resources can help you address your concern.


The following office forms are provided for your convenience: Intake Form, Supervisory Referral Protocol and Supervisory Referral Form.

Training Programs & Seminars

This section offers details on training programs offered by our Center for Employee Development
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