Youth Services

Safe and Appropriate Care for Young People

The inpatient program for acutely ill children and teens emphasizes the healthy development of self-esteem and individual responsibility with the goal of providing children, teens and their families the necessary tools to achieve lasting change. Care is provided in a safe, secure and nurturing environment with younger children treated in an area separate from adolescents.

The multi-disciplinary treatment team consists of a psychiatrist, an advanced practice nurse, registered nurse, social worker, activity therapist, mental health technicians, and when indicated, a chemical dependency counselor.  Our team completes discipline-specific evaluations to initiate an individualized plan of care that includes medication management and a combination of individual, group and family therapies.

Therapeutic recreational activities and other programs are implemented to stabilize patients and create a foundation for care after discharge. Discharge planning begins upon admission and the discharge coordinator provides for appropriate follow-up care after discharge.

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