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Nationally recognized, the Research Institute of Deaconess Clinic has been instrumental in the development of new treatment advancements in most therapeutic areas, including cancer, dermatological disorders, diabetes, heart disease, orthopedics, and urological disorders. With over 40 experienced clinical investigators, 34 research staff, and over 500 trials conducted to date, the Research Institute is a leading investigational site for Stage II and III studies.

At the Research Institute of Deaconess Clinic, our goal is to help area physicians integrate life-saving research seamlessly into everyday practice, eliminating time-consuming paperwork, and allowing physicians to devote the time they need to their patients. To this end, the Research Institute is committed to your administrative needs.

The Research Institute of Deaconess Clinic reviews upwards of 300 trials annually and is capable of matching current clinical trials to your specialty and inform you of upcoming research in any areas which might be of interest to you. Similarly, we are committed to help you in any research you may wish to pursue.

The Research Institute welcomes area physicians, and even offers training to physicians who have had no prior experience conducting a clinical trial. If you are interested in becoming a member of our team of investigators, please contact us.


  • Access to Leading Edge Protocols
  • Regulatory Coordination
  • Contract and Budget Development
  • Trained and Certified Research Nurses
  • Data Entry Support
  • Protocol Development
  • Patient Recruitment

Gregory Folz, Administrative Director Clinical Research
Phone: (812) 426-9576