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Deaconess VNA Plus: Home Care

Home care is often recommended following a stay in the hospital or in a rehabilitation facility to help continue the recovery and healing process. Home care may also be the solution when your medical condition changes, you receive a new diagnosis or you are placed on a new medication or treatment. A physician’s appointment is an ideal time to discuss with the doctor how home care can improve your health and quality of life.

Homebound Definition
Medicare requires that people receiving home care be homebound. They do not need to be bedbound but they must be able to leave the home only infrequently (for medical appointments, worship, or special-occasion activities, for example); and they must not be driving. A physician must also certify the need for home care services; our staff can help obtain the required physician's order.

Because home care is not intended to go on indefinitely and is provided on an intermittent (part time) basis, an important aspect of this care is teaching the patient and family (or other caregivers) how to care for themselves. Deaconess VNA Plus staff from several departments often work together as a team to provide a holistic approach to patients’ needs. Home Care services include:

Registered nurses and licensed practical nurses perform skilled nursing services as directed by the patient’s physician.

Rehabilitation Therapy
Physical, occupational and speech therapists help patients regain independence and the ability to perform tasks essential to daily living.

Wound Care
The wound care team, consisting of nurses, physical therapists, home health aides and a dietitian, are intensively trained in treating wounds of all types based on a personalized assessment of each patient’s needs.
Infusion Services
Registered nurses provide care and maintenance of intravenous access sites, administration of IV medications, lab work and patient education for self-care.

Pediatric Care
Registered nurses trained in pediatric care providing skilled services, including infusions; enteral feedings; family education; and other appropriate skilled interventions to assist parents in caring for their infants in their homes.

Personal Care Assistance
Certified home care aides assist with bathing and other personal care.

Medical Social Services
Medical social workers help patients with social, emotional and financial factors affecting their health.

Dietary Service
A registered dietitian provides professional nutritional assessment and teaching to promote optimal healing.

Disease Management
Registered nurses use established methods of treatment and education to effectively manage the specific needs of various diseases such as diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), congestive heart failure (CHF), and other chronic diseases.

For more information or to make a referral, please call 812-425-3561 or toll free, 800-326-4862. You may also wish to view Frequently Asked Home Care Questions for more information.