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Joint Replacement

You don’t have to live with joint pain.

Joint pain can drastically reduce quality of life, and activities others take for granted become too painful to enjoy. The Joint Replacement Program is here to help you feel like yourself again, and to help you get back to living. Our specially trained orthopedic doctors, advanced practice providers and other specialists use a proven, highly-successful program to help people experiencing hip, knee or shoulder pain find the relief they need. 

If you suffer from knee, hip or shoulder pain that limits your daily activities, talk to your doctor or an orthopedic specialist to find out if joint replacement is right for you.

To begin the Joint Replacement process with Deaconess Orthopedic 
Request an Appointment

Choose an option below to discover more details about the Joint Replacement Program at Deaconess. Our team focuses on providing education, training and resources that can better prepare you for your surgery and help you recover more quickly.


Emphasis on Education
Patients who are educated about their joint replacement before their surgery experience better outcomes and are less anxious about the surgery and recovery process.

Multidisciplinary Team
We have a multidisciplinary team that is specially trained in each area to best meet all your needs. Each person in your care team will play a different yet equally important role in your recovery.

Motivational Atmosphere
Our emphasis on group activities will surround you with other people recovering from a joint replacement. Encouragement from others going through the same experience is very beneficial.

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