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The Women's Hospital Named AIMIS Surgical Center of Excellence


The Women’s Hospital joins over 30 hospitals throughout the nation with this
Dr. Marshall Howell, one of several experienced surgeons who perform a variety of minimally invasive procedures at The Women’s Hospital.
prestigious designation and is the first in Indiana to receive it.

The Women’s Hospital obtained this achievement after passing a series of rigorous criteria established by the accrediting body of AIMIS. The Gynecological Center of Excellence designation is important to women in the Tri-State and surrounding areas because it gives patients added assurance that The Women’s Hospital has passed and exceeded existing standards and best practices for minimally invasive surgery with regard to both quality and delivery of care. Dr. Richard Sandefur OB/GYN has also achieved the designation as an accredited AIMIS physician, and numerous additional physicians have helped the hospital achieve the Center of Excellence designation through their ability to deliver advanced surgical procedures that improve health care for women of all ages.

“This designation sets The Women’s Hospital apart from other area hospitals and is a great benefit to women in our community,” said Dr. Richard Sandefur, OB/GYN and an AIMIS accredited physician at The Women’s Hospital. “Due to the high percentage of successful minimally invasive surgeries performed at The Women’s Hospital, women needing surgery can rest assured knowing that the physicians have a high level of expertise with a variety of minimally invasive techniques. That combined with the fact that patients overall have less blood loss, less scarring and are recovering quicker can ease one’s mind.”

Dr. Sandefur went on to say, “Being named a Center of Excellence also contributes to the role and responsibility we have in the greater Evansville area for continued improvement in surgical clinical outcomes and quality care for all patients. Designation as a Center of Excellence by AIMIS demonstrates the ongoing dedication that The Women’s Hospital and the medical staff have to raising the standard of health care for women of all ages.” 

Approximately 600,000 hysterectomies are performed each year in the United States, making it the second most common procedure performed on women in the U.S. And yet, according to the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, an estimated two-thirds of these operations entail open surgeries rather than minimally invasive laparoscopic methods.

In 2011, The Women’s Hospital performed over 80% of these surgeries through a minimally invasive approach as opposed to an open abdominal approach.  The designation from AIMIS is focused on advancing solutions to facilitate the conversion of a greater percentage of procedures from more-traumatic open surgeries to laparoscopic approaches that offer patients fewer complications, better clinical outcomes, faster recoveries and quicker returns to their normal daily lives.

According to Stephen McCarus, MD and chief medical officer of AIMIS, “We continue to assess and institute the use of latest technology, and teaching methods that advance continued use and implementation of minimally invasive surgery.” “The Women’s Hospital has now joined only a handful of leading hospitals around the nation and is the only one in the state of Indiana to enjoy the AIMIS accreditation.”

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