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For Members

Thank you for selecting Deaconess Health Plans

Deaconess Health Plans' (DHP) local network includes hospitals and facilities, and physicians and other providers

Please note that not all providers participate in all health plans. If you have questions regarding your provider's participation with your insurance carrier, you should contact the carrier directly at the phone number listed on the back of your member identification card. DHP can also assist you with this process.

Deaconess Health Plans is a network of providers. We are not an insurance carrier and therefore cannot determine if a particular service will be considered a covered benefit.

It is your responsibility to abide by the pre-certification, utilization management and provider referral guidelines of your plan.

For more information on these guidelines refer to the plan summary provided to you by your employer, or contact your insurance carrier at the number listed on the back of your member identification card. It is important that you carry this identification card with you at all times and present it to your provider prior to receiving care to ensure appropriate processing of your claim.

If your card is lost or stolen please contact your employer or insurance carrier immediately to obtain a replacement.
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