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Care Everywhere FAQs

Traveling Patients

Question: What is Care Everywhere?

Answer: It is a tool within the Epic electronic medical record that is used to securely share patient records with other health care providers.

Question: How do I sign up for Care Everywhere?

Answer: There is no sign up process for Care Everywhere. However, you must sign a consent form to release your medical record to be shared with another physician or hospital.

Question: Does it cost anything to participate in Care Everywhere?

Answer: There is no cost to you for the Care Everywhere program.

Question: What are the benefits of Care Everywhere?

Answer: The biggest benefit is that Care Everywhere gives health care providers from non-local facilities secure, electronic access to medical information they might not have otherwise. This information can help providers make important medical decisions in a variety of situations.

Examples of information that could be important to another provider are complete lists of allergies, medications and immunizations; surgeries you’ve had; current illnesses; or procedures or diagnoses that could affect important medical decisions.

Question: How do I know if my medical record from a different hospital or doctor’s office is available for Deaconess to view?

Answer: if you have recently been seen by a non-Deaconess doctor or in a hospital other than Deaconess, let your Deaconess nurse or doctor know so they can check to see what information is available from the other provider and add it to your medical record at Deaconess.

Question: When I’m at an outside provider, how do I know if they can see my Deaconess electronic medical record?

Answer: Tell them you are a patient at Deaconess Health System in Evansville, Indiana, and that your medical record may be available to them electronically. Many hospitals today have an electronic medical record program that allows sharing of medical information between providers.

Question: What if I’m treated in another country?

Answer: At this time, it’s unlikely that we can electronically transfer patient data to or from most other countries. If you’d like your Deaconess health care provider to have access to information from your hospitalization or doctor visit while you were in another country, please give us the name and location of the facility you visited, and our medical records department can contact them to get a copy of your information.

Question: What type of information is NOT shared through Care Everywhere?

Answer: The only information that is NOT included in your medical record are visits to an Employee Assistance Program, such as Deaconess CONCERN. Any other information in your Deaconess medical record is available for sharing with other organizations if they participate in Care Everywhere.

Having a complete record available to other health care providers increases patient safety and improves patient care. However, do not release your medical record if there is sensitive information you don’t want another health care
provider to see.

Question: Who can see my information in Care Everywhere?

Answer: Your medical record can be viewed ONLY by licensed practicing health care providers, such as nurses or doctors, who are currently treating you and with whom you’ve consented to share your record.

Question: When do I sign to have my medical records released?

Answer: You will need to sign a consent form at the time your medical records are being requested by another facility. No Deaconess medical records will be shared without your consent.