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Deaconess EAP - For Employers

What Deaconess EAP offers to employees and employers

An Employee Assistance Program is an employer-sponsored employee benefit that is structured to assist the employer in controlling the expenses involved when employees' personal problems affect their work performance. 
A study by the National Institute of Mental Health reports that 30% of all absenteeism and 66% of all terminations are personal problem related rather than job related. 
An Employee Assistance Program benefits the EMPLOYER:
  • Decreased health insurance utilization
  • Decreased absenteeism, accidents and turnover
  • Demonstrates management's concern for employee and family
  • Promotes supervisor's awareness of and early response to employee work performance problems
  • Scheduled utilization reports assess various cost/benefit factors and inservice training needs
An Employee Assistance Program benefits the EMPLOYEE:
  • Increased morale and productivity
  • Improved work concentration
  • Professional and confidential counseling
  • Video Sessions are available
  • No cost to the employee
Services Provided
  • Short-term counseling to address life changes, family issues, personal problems, etc.
  • Short-term counseling for mental health or substance abuse issues; these referrals may be mandated by a supervisor.
  • Critical incident stress debriefing for crisis situations - Our team works with individuals and groups of people at work-sites to address emotions and coping strategies after a serious incident, such as the unexpected death of a co-worker or a robbery. 
  • Supervisor consultation - Confidential telephone consultation is available to supervisors facing difficult employee issues such as performance, disciplinary action, substance abuse or sexual harassment, among other issues.
  • Supervisor and employee orientations - We explain reasons to use our services, how to access services, where we are located, confidentiality, and most importantly, that EAP services are part of the company's benefit program and provided to employees at no cost. 
To learn more about offering EAP to your employees, please contact the Outpatient Behavioral Health Manager at 812-471-4611.
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