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Post-Offer Physical Capabilities Testing

AEI Functional Testing

The COMP Center has partnered with Advanced Ergonomics, Inc. to provide pre-employment/post-offer physical testing.  Advanced Ergonomics, Inc. is a nationally recognized leader in pre-employment/post-offer physical testing designed to ensure the legal provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act, EEOC, and other regulatory groups are met.  The AEI system possesses the largest database on ergonomic testing in the country.

Advantages of the partnership include:
  • AEI makes a pass/fail decision.  AEI does not give general recommendations or try to distance themselves from the actual data.
  • AEI provides documentation to address EEOC requirements.
  • Workers' compensation injuries and personnel costs are reduced.
  • High quality reporting and management system.
  • Several hundred companies use AEI nationally.
  • Guaranteed 24-hour response time for an objective pass/fail decision based on the company's job requirements.
  • Quality control for employee testing.
  • Data management.
  • Expert witness availability.
  • Test administration management
  • Job analysis

For more information, contact the COMP Center.