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Facility Appearance

WE WILL take pride in our facility by maintaining a clean, uncluttered, and safe work place.

           • WE WILL pick up litter and dispose of it properly.

           • WE WILL clean up debris and spills to prevent falls.

           • WE WILL return equipment and borrowed items promptly to their proper place.

           • WE WILL keep hallways and work areas safe, clean, and neat.

           • WE WILL treat Deaconess resources and equipment as if they were our own and avoid being wasteful and

 Noise Control

WE WILL maintain a quiet environment to promote the healing process of our patients and enhance the comfort of our guests.

           • WE WILL close patient doors to buffer hallway noise when practical.

           • WE WILL remember to speak quietly at all times.

           • WE WILL always use the handset rather than the speaker phone capability to promote confidentiality and
           decrease noise.

           • WE WILL, in private areas, maintain confidentiality and decrease noise.

           • WE WILL take extra care to maintain a quiet environment in or around patient areas on evening and night shifts
           (e.g., turn pagers to vibrate and turn the telephone ringer volume down).