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Wellness Screening Scheduler

Before signing up for your screening, each participant must complete an online Health Risk Assessment.  Please go to to complete your Health Risk Assessment.  If you do not complete the Health Risk Assessment, you will be unable to complete your screening.

ALL beneficiaries who are interested in receiving the wellness incentive in October of 2016 must screen.

You must fast a minimum of 12 hours, drink only water before your appointment. Lab results of a lipid profile and blood glucose (A1C if diagnosed diabetic) from your doctor are accepted if drawn after July 1, 2015 and given to staff at the time of the screening. If you provide lab results you will not be required to fast.

You are allowed to take prescribed medications if they are not required to be taken with food.

You must have your employee ID number. If you are a spouse of an employee, you must have your spouse's employee ID number.

If you are pregnant, you are not required to fast, but must complete your online health risk assessment and attend a screening. Notify the registration person when you arrive.

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