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Employment Team

Meet our Employment Team

Recruiting Areas – Inpatient Registered Nurses 
My career of 20 years at Deaconess Hospital has provided me with an abundance of opportunities. Obtaining my BSN from the University of Evansville started my career as staff nurse which led me to nearly 6 years of experience as a Nurse Manager. My career at Deaconess has enabled me to obtain a wealth of knowledge about the organization and with confidence, I can assist you in finding a desired nursing career path that will move you to your ultimate career goals!

Recruiting Areas – Patient Access, Environmental Services, Call Center, Home Medical Equipment, Finance Accountants/Analyst, Patient Financial Services, Medical Records, Marketing, and Children’s Enrichment Center, Security, and other Miscellaneous Clerical roles.
I have been with Deaconess on and off beginning in 2008 when I started in Patient Transport. Since that time Deaconess has provided me with several advancement opportunities in various departments.  I began my journey in Human Resources in 2009 and my career as a Recruiter in 2015. I am motivated to find compassionate and caring individuals to become a part of the Deaconess family, and helping you find a career path at Deaconess.

Recruiting Areas: Patient Care Technicians, Sterile Supply, Mental Health Technicians, CSTs, Material Management
I come from a long history in the professional sports industry, specializing in sport psychology and rehabilitation of athletes. Once I retired from that I wanted to continue working with people in the healthcare industry. I wanted to be in a facility where patient care is the main focus. Deaconess presented the opportunity for me to match compassionate people with a caring healthcare system.   

Recruiting Areas – Laboratory, Pharmacist, Engineering & Maintenance, Informatics and Technology, Religious Life
Twenty-five plus years of helping to hire the best and brightest talent for Deaconess while seeing our organization grow to meet the healthcare needs of our community.  As an IUPUI alumni from the School of Social Work, I’ve seen our team meeting the Greek definition of the word “Deaconess”…..”Ministering to the needs of others” every day. Come check out how you too can do the same.

Recruiting Areas - Deaconess Clinics, Internal Audit, Finance and Accountants/Analysts, Dietary, and Wellness.
Since the young age of 16, I knew I wanted to join the Deaconess family. My first taste of the organization came from participating in Deaconess Hospital’s Health Science Institute where I was exposed to the many career opportunities that Deaconess has to offer. My Bachelor of Science in Public Health from Purdue University combined with a summer internship in the Deaconess Human Resources department further confirmed my passion for the field. It has been one of my greatest accomplishments to have the opportunity to serve the community through such an amazing organization.

Human Resources Employment Team – Office Number:  812-450-2359
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